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It Was Just A Poem

I'm not necessarily angry
I'm just not blind
I can't ignore nonsense
so well-defined
I say 'pardon me'
I hold doors for strangers
I try to treat others kind
If you ask me for a favor
I generally say 'Sure, I don't mind'
If you've lost something
I'll likely help you to find
If you need a shoulder to cry on
I'll let you cry on mine
I'm not a smoker or a drinker
except an occasional beer or wine
I think I'm average to fine
and generally don't speak out of turn
or make a big stink or whine
You may have noticed
I like to rhyme
No biggie! ! I'm not averse to free verse
To me rhyming just always takes the purse
the important thing is this
If you've got something to say
Don't let others stand in your way
Don't let 'friends' bully you around
or tell you what to think
or make you out to be a clown
because you've got to like yourself
when there is nobody else around
When it's just you
and another soul can't be found
It's then I depend
on my heart and my pen
and I can generally defend
the things that I've penned
and if you think little of me
It's OK, you don't know much
Only what you think you see
I don't rely on your approval as a crutch
I've got a simple heart
but I'm complex and strive to be free
and I'm hard to restrain or to pin down
But the one thing you must know
Does it show?
I hate phonieness
and pompous big egos
I find it all hollow and low
So come to me real
come to me sincere
and you'll realize I'm really here
I don't think I'm anything special
No better than others I confess
So if your a hater...give it a rest!
I don't have to cow tow to you
Who are you anyway
and where were you when I needed you
I'm glad you don't like me
And now that it's come clearly out
I'm decidedly better without
As the trees thin
I can better enjoy the view
that used to be blocked out by you
There is one lesson I've learned over and over again
and have found it to be so true
When you're not wanted
Leave..I did...It's what you should do
So you've said your little piece about me
and I accept it as my fate
Please leave now
Hurry, don't be late
and don't let the door, hit you in the a-
Even Hillary Clinton has more class!
Leave before I kick you
You'd better leave fast....
I'm a gentleman until punches are thrown
But I've got a wallup of a punch, I'll have it known
Scram, , , , or you'll reap what you've sown
You've shown your cards..now leave me alone
As a precaution, I've banned you
and have disconnected my phone
Funny thing....it was just a poem! !

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