It Was Love

It was love that shone from her eyes
Love, that made her look radiant
Love, that kept her so young
Love, the reason for her smile
Love, that gave her wings to fly
But kept her rooted to the ground
Although she was sometimes lost
Love kept following her around.
Love, the reason that she dared
Love, the reason she still cared
Love, the reason she could bear
All that had been sent her way.
Love, that gave her the strength
To keep going through each day
Even as the one that she loved
Was long gone, forever away.

by Nidhi Agrawal

Comments (3)

A refined poetic imagination, Nidhi A. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
Very nice poem about it was love.
Love made life as radiant feelings and tender touch of love talked about reason and season. Love gave strength to each day's life. Brilliant and powerfully expressed poem is shared.10