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~~it Was May, The Summer Of My 12th Year~~
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~~it Was May, The Summer Of My 12th Year~~

Poem By Peter Shea

My fathers' field
acre upon acre of hay
barren in May
from winters blight
perfect for me to play
Flat land
as far as I could see
except for one huge pine tree
a young boy, idealistic still
I thought this tree was grown for me
I climbed the tree most every day
climbing right to the very top
branches formed a perfect seat
magically sitting there
time would stop
Wind would blow, branches creaked
the tree and I swaying with the breeze
protected in my tree
ignorant of life's confusion...
its little ambiguities
Now I wonder, as I sit
in these my twilight days
if only I could travel back
to that my 12th year in May
to hear the wind, smell the pine
and feel the boughs as they sway
I would love to whisper one more time
to my very special tree
thank you so for keeping me safe
and all the memories
but most of all for the excitement
and the passion for feeling free

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I just wrote a poem about a willow tree and someone suggested I had maybe borrowed the idea and said the poets name she thought I was borrowing from.I didnt I wrote about a tree I loved as a child that has been cut down. In trying to find the poet I stumbled on your poem. It's lovely and truthful, my tree was a weeping willow and I said 'I wept for it because it wept for me' oddly you pine for your pine. Nice poem.