PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)

It Was Raining Every Night

Spatter scraping oblique lines
in the dark of night thick curtains
The lines are sharper
Chills dipped to earth
Since the skin was peeling off his skin soil crust
due to prolonged dry heat
soil crust full of pus
Peeling due to heat
exposed to rain water droplets
without stopping,

While dozens of coconut-leaf penjor
In the aisles, wilted down listless

young couples kissed my cheek
ask for intercession
while in the corner of the building party
spinster, shredding wishful anganya
With sword swords reality
held tightly in his right hand
At the top of his age,
When it fell on the edge of the lips Kabah
As I asked in prayer,
Is this the end of all trips

At the edges, relentless

She was crying in the rain first remarks
When he moved into the realm of real
From the dreams that had long
He pujas, in the struggle of desire
current drought

He cries and notes, this first rain
The first date in the year 1434 Hijri
The men were passing in front of the door
Go away, no matter
With every season,
And all the struggles that have passed
In the years hijrah or BC
Bah, what did she care
With a record of it.
I'm hungry,
Not to breakfast,

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Langston Hughes


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