WB (June,19th,1979 / BATNA, ALGERIA)

It Was Wednesday Morning

It was wednesday morning,
In the class, where I met her.
It was a day like no other day.
It was the begining of my life.
She called for me to see the picture -
The picture sticked on my copy-book.
I turned my head to see the one calling me,
just once I fixed my eyes on hers,
I felt like thunder has fell upon my head.
It was such a flabbergasping day,
To meet such a girl with such marvelous eyes
That at the first sight made me sick.
She asked me for the mariah's tape of 'Hero',
I opened my mouth and I nodded with my head.
I was like having been mesmerized.
The next day, I gave her the tape.
Then, we have had a walk that day,
We have gone to the cafeteria,
We sat just before it and drunk a couple of tea.
Inside of me, something is growing.
Something that my heart is full of it.
I thought it was just an imagination
But day by day, I realized
I have had a crash on her,
And I can't bear my life without her.

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