- Item Six, A Bag Of Nothing: : Humour

Next is item six, a bag of nothing, who'll give me an opening price
A bag of nothing sitting on your shelf would look rather nice
Come on give me a bid, oh is that five dollars I hear
But surely I can get more for this perfectly formed sphere

You won't get addicted to it and it'll never give you a rash
In fact this bag of nothing could save you a lot of cash
Your kids won't fight over it and it doesn't gather dust
Can I say that this bag of nothing is an absolute must

Item six won't go out of fashion or lie broken on the floor
Is that ten dollars you're offering, I was hoping for a little more
Your neighbour cannot buy one that's got more power
It won't wilt or its petals fall off as happens with flowers

Doesn't need to be filtered, chlorinated, skimmed or pumped
And it will never have to be carted off in a hired truck to the dump
Fifteen dollars bid from the man over there called Sean
That lady in red's offering twenty, going, going, gone!

(Sydney, Australia - 2009)

by Alessandra Liverani

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Great! ! Gave a chuckle....much enjoyed! Regards, Leria