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Its About Tyme
TT (3/27/89 / klamth falls OR)

Its About Tyme

I was once on the blocc doin nothin but chasing dreams
bein a shadow to a phantom you kno what i mean.
my goals were only one an that was make it thru the day
an my acheivements was only one an that was if by that tyme i got paid.
so you can c why my lyfe went down the drain
sprialing outta control lost in this game.
but most all my mistakes are becoming my lessons
an i realize now that i neva really got to count my blessings.
cuz i may be at my bottom but i can only go up from here
been to hell an bacc but aint got tyme to shed a tear.
now i realize its about tyme i asked 4 sum help
cuz ive been on my kness nite an day prayin 4 a way out.
I can no longer c thru all this darkness ive been walkin round blind
an now i need a lil light an im thinkin its about tyme......

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'its about tyme' and 'if' within that tyme spent in self examination some sense is sent from your head to your heart, then you have salvaged your happiness. something many never find. no matter where the place. no matter what the 'tyme'.b'cuz they stay blyne by 'bling' and things that don't touch a consciousness in search. Congratulations!