Its Always About You

I haven’t much of time,
So I’ll say this as honestly as I can in the 2 minuets I have,
I will always be around for you,
Whenever you need me,
But I feel like I need to back off a little,
And I think you feel this to,
Because I can feel you pulling away from me,
My opinions are really yours,
And I just want to be me,
And the best person I can be,
Yours truly,
One hundred percent me.

by Laura Cummings

Comments (2)

I agree with PoHo. There's a poem lurking behind this, especially with this apparently contradictory title. I know I shouldn't be snooty about punctuation, Laura, but the thought of Mozart ordering a 'minuet steak' had me giggly. Spellcheck?
Laura, I like the sentiments you express here but the poem doesn't feel very poetic. Feels rather matter-of-fact, like a note or a journal entry.