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Its An Icy Rainy Winter Day

Its an icy rainy Winter Day
Friends can't be found
there's nobody around
The furnace fan is the only sound
and my eyes are drooping to the ground
where cheerfulness and joy should abound

Its an icy rainy Winter day
I went to church today
bowed down to pray
Prayed for family and friends far away
who I miss so much, perhaps I'll write to say
then my feelings scatter and stray

Its an icy lonely Winter day
I've lost my way
Though positive I try to stay
strong for others some might say
I care about them anyway
my feelings lost or held at bay

Its an icy cold lonely Winter day
So near what should be the happiest holiday
so I close my eyes again and prayers I say
silently, seeking strength in a desperate way
because sometimes my nerves fray
And dreams of love beckon but fade away

Soon it will be Christmas day
another year has passed away
or at least today it feels this way
Hugs and kisses feel so far away
Loneliness dose upon me weigh
this cold and rainy Winter day

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