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Its Been A Long Time
AN (27-03-1985 / MUMBAI)

Its Been A Long Time

Poem By aigis nalian

Its been such a long time,
Since I let my mind wander..
Across the open seas and oceans blue;
It's been a long time, since i felt so free
To go to places unknown, lands unseen,
To people whose hearts reach out to me
And speak to the birds in melodious song,
To feel at peace in the cacophony.
Its been a long time since i've travelled
To meet pharaohs and ghosts and creatures
wildy unknown;
Yet, so much a part of my childhood dreams..
To don a hundred hats, to live a hundred lives,
By the starry moonlit sky..
Like sweet honey, these memories I savour,
Revived whenever i feel lonely..
Its been such a long time since I let my mind see
The child I always wanted to be...

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