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Its Hard But I Still Love You

It felt as if he was a thousand miles away
It was so hidden from everyone
No one understood that they were so in love
Their love was as if they were Romeo and Juliet
Their age didn't matter
All that's left to do is run
She is like a princess to him
They lose sleep just to talk to each other every night
Although his job gets in the way
His parents wouldn't approve of their love
Her mother would kill them both
When she talks to him her whole world lights up
As bright the sun
He keeps her from crying herself to sleep every night
The only one who she could tell was her cousin
He plans to get her a ring
He wants to spend his whole life in Australia
With his one and only princess
The love is difficult, but it's real
He gets nervous every time he talks to her
Every word makes her smile
It's hard to hide but their love is worth it.

by Karissa Talent

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