Its Hard Letting Go

Wanting to break free
To fly away from the nest
Wanting to spread my wings
To be in the open air

Needing to test my own skills
To be independent
Needing some room to grow

But don’t go too far
Because I still need you here
To be by my side

Learning from my mistakes
Letting my past be who I will become
Not who I am today
Learning to be responsible
For my own actions
To think about my decisions
Before I proceed

You taught me well
But each year that passes by,
I slowly drift away from you
We both know that a day will come
When I wonder away from your path
And to my own, separate road
Though that day hasn’t come yet
It will be here, and we have to be ready

I want you by my side
But on this journey that I take
I have to be on my own
And it will lead me to become
All that you showed me to be
So thank you for being with me
For these past 14 years
But in these next short 4 years
You have to learn
To slowly let me go

by helena dombrowski

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