Its Just 'You'

When the rays go down,
when faced by a wrong turn,
over and over again
life seems to be nothing at all.

All the cries and misery,
all the hope and dreams,
when they all vanish like snow,
just left out lonely like hollow.

With tons of love and bonding,
heart to heart we see, one in another,
how it feels like heaven, angels around
alas it goes! the pain and none to share.

It's where i see, life so hazed,
all the wonders just a shadow,
it's no sharing really, just what we feel,
joy or sorrow, its just one soul.

Sharing or comfort all fails one day,
bringing real life into light,
showing who we really are, the strength we carry,
with tears that only lightens the burden.

by Srita Sri

Comments (1)

after a long time dear friend.... again.. loved it.. yes.. 'its just one soul'