Its My Birthday

Its My Birthday
Oh no not again.
Seems like yesterday
I was only ten.

I wake up in the mornings
Feeling all fresh and anew
But before the day is gone
Feels like my brain
Is all stale
And sorta' mildewed.

I rememeber when now
Just like it was back then
Old folks use to say
They would forget
I laughed like it was a crime
And some big sin.

People I went to school with
Say their ailments
Are on the mend.
Sometimes I even sit around
And my po' knees
They won't bend.

Its My Birthday
Oh no not again.
But I'm really grateful Lord
For I realize
It could have been
The end.

So when you're ailing
And complaining too
Don't you never worry
About this life
It will tell you
What you can do.

Oh Its My Birthday
But if you're wondering
What you would say.
You'd speak for the rest of us
In life its come what may
But godly glad to see another day.

by Cecelia Weir

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