SS (1994 / Ohio)

Its Not Easy

So now that I've decided to move on
let me be the first to say
its not easy at all
pain it causes every day

Im trying to stay far from you
In your way to not look
But its not easy
for you were the drug that had me hooked

But I'm so proud of myself
for having the strength for goodbye
But its not easy
getting over your lies

I admit I do miss you
your in my thoughts every once in a while
Because its not easy
to forget your wonderful smile

I'll keep you as a friend
But for that my feelings must change
But its not easy
living with such derange

Its not easy letting go
Its not easy having to forget
Its not easy seeing you
Its not easy living with regret

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I love this poem and relate so well! Congrats! and i hope you really do get over him! !