What I'M Worth

I am worth the world,
though I know it's hard to see
the diamonds hiding in my soul
(the good inside of me.)

I know that I'm not perfect
though I know how hard I try.
The truth is that I'm hurting
and I have no idea why.

I am worth the living
that I have yet to do,
the thing is that I simply won't
accept just being through.

I am worth the dreaming
that you'll see in my eyes,
the hopes, the fears, the love, the tears,
that I will not disguise.

I am worth my future,
I'll overcome my past.
The people I love will get to know
how much they mean, at last.

I am worth the sorrow
because I am worth the gain,
I know that I can find a way
to make it through the pain.

I am worth the promises
heard time and time again.
I will make my dreams come true.
This will not be the end.

Out of the darkness that comes with the night
I'm going to fight - find my way to the light.

by Elizabeth Grace

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