Its Okay

It's okay to release those tears
and show the world you're not fine
it's proof enough to show you're human
that you do have these feelings inside

It's okay to feel alone
when no-one else is around
it shows you need someone
to pick you up off the ground

It's okay to let your heart win
to completely break away inside
it shows you're not afraid
to let go these tears you cry

It's okay to have that awfull feeling
that theres nothing left anymore
it shows you do feel pain
and that you need something more

It's okay to feel left out
and that nobody cares
it shows us you're sad
and you want someone there

It's okay to feel bad
when you're ok but someone else isnt
it shows you care about someone else
and helps you learn life isnt pleasant

Its okay to feel alive
then fall till you feel dead
it shows you're okay
you're better than everyone else said

It's okay to fall in my arms
and cry yourself to bits
dont feel ashamed my friend
if you start to go into hysterical fits

Dont feel down
when everyone else stops loving you
I'll always be here
to pick you up when you're feeling blue

Calm now friend
dry those tears
see all better
now im here to stop these nightmares

by Rachel BaByBeAr Anderson

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