Its Only February

Darkness, it welcomes me so.
I stalk through the land of shadows to my layer.
I enter through my wall of blood and tears,
That I have caused all these years.
With heavy burdens I creep,
Into my cavern so dark, so deep.
The feast is here,
so is the drink,
I have no time to think.
About what I am doing,
About what pain its going to bring.
The knife penetrates,
The blood falls,
The exstasy proves through it all.
Her blood tastes sultry sweet,
Her lips provoke a silky touch,
Her skin, a fresh fading shade of beautiful pink.
Her body goes limp,
The breath escapes her,
The look on her face begs me to take her.
My great release of deep proffesions,
I drink, eat and be merry,
I love the taste, the feel, the pleasure,
But the life I take sustains the full measure.
Messes made, the bodies laid.
All the breaking hearts and weeping nights,
And its only February.

by Monica Lynn Mason

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