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***rear Window***

In our window frame of time -
Could we possibly wax romantic scenes?
Complete with a crisp evening air, and stars above -
And much later, bedroom- consumated schemes?

Once we arrive at our destination -
Will there be Rose Petals adorning the floor?
And, perhaps lavender scented candles?
Setting the mood for: AMORE!

And as we sip, our aged red wine -
With Frank Sinatra, in the background -
Singing in a way, only he can show -
Will you 'Take My Hand', my darling?
And lead me, to places unknown?

With the morn's arrival -
In our window frame of time -
The Moon, all but waning -
Even though, i know, that you are mine -

I lean over and kiss your lips -
So luscious and heated still -
Knowing that there will be more, Amore -
In our window frame of time-
The Moon, it 'twil wax again, to our fill! ! !

by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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