Its Time To Die.

Poem By Eddy Munoz

I want to be your neck breaker
Not some piece of crap on the floor like a gum wrapper.

I'm not gonna settle for anything better than the best.
Because anyone who has been through the pain deserves nothing less.
Your idea of perfection has come up to me with all these new standards
trying to carve me into your example of a proper bystander
Chiseling me using the same blade you used
that killed every emotion between us two.

And I was there standing and taking it.
Believing I was misusing your heart breaking and tearing it.
Then reality just comes up and bit me in the rear
That I was going through all the crap for 2 years.
I was so used to all the problems and sacrifices I made
Forgetting that on your side their still sacrifices to be made.

You were the Judas of my life
Proclaiming to me that you would love me as much as a wife!
What a comparison, well at least its not a Jezebel.
I personally think she had better qualities in manners than you ever will.

Look how much I've grown
Taking care of the responsibilities that are solely my own.
Being able to look at you in the moment in the eye
And actually feeling like I'm actually alive!

You could give shivers down my spine but
Honestly in my heart and in my mind
I'm laying you to down to eternally die.
Because I'm sick of the work you created so god bless and bye.

Comments about Its Time To Die.

wow..that was intense. I love it. And I really liked in particular at the end 'so god bless and bye' it's the perfect finally, a last little shove that shows your so done and moving on. good work Izzey Strange

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