Its Time To Move On

the thought of you makes me want to cry
i was a fool to let you go but we all make mistake
i did almost anything for you but all i did was try
you put this feeling in that makes me ache
now my life is like a big knot that can't be untangle
but the thoughts of suicide came to my head
i don't want to go and be dead
its time to move on

i keep thinking that one day it will happen
but i know now we will stay friends forever
we had something special but i let that go
jealously came to me 'the devil curse'
i thank you for stopping me before it gotten any more worse
now blazzing is the only thing that makes me feel happy
its time to move on

i keep blaming you for making me sad
but the only person to blame is me
i stop caring about myself making me a savage
now im asking the biggest question what the meaning
when im around you and everyone else im acting
what the meaning of being happy
is it when i drink a whole bottle of whiskey
its time to move on

depression has hit me hard now
all i say to myself is wow
i hate myself for what i did yesterday
i drink more than i can handle
i may say sorry but the only response i will get is ok
its time to move on

after what i did i decided to stop drinking
it the poison that messing up everything
all you've wanted is to be friends
and all i wanted is to be your boyfriend
but now i learn that we can be buddies
i know my duties
its time to move on

i never thought i would fall in love again
but i have with someone i never met
she said 'i love you' but i told her not yet
she was willing to wait for me as i did for you
she made me feel like i was a youth
i was so happy in a time of madness
she made me feel like i was a man
once again i let her go too
its time to move on

i've lost connection to that i should of truly love
all i can think about is what i could been a part of
my lost love from el paso that could of been my wife
now i realize i lost something special in my life
but only thing to do is look into the light
its time to move on

by Delson Dez

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