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Its You
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Its You


I walk around in circles
Thinking about you
Wondering why you are on my mind
Take a look around wishing you were here

Cause I feel empty without you
So lost and confused
I need help finding my way back

Cause its you I think about all the time
Its you that I want in my life
I wish you could see that maybe
I am in love with you

I feel so stupid but yet I feel like I am love struck
Cause no one else has ever made me feel the way you do
I know I never have to change for you

You take me for who I am
You see me in a different light
Its you who knows me in and out
And its you who wiped these tears and fought away these fears

Its the things you do that make me want you
The things I ponder on in my sleep
Oh how I want you to know that its you I want by my side forever

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I know I never have to change for you you change for no one... that is right. Becca