Its You I Fear

love is strange
emotions are deceptive
takes me on a trance
is it peace or pain

its a state of two
when the moon and sun co-exist
not for long though
like the endless sky we see

the glowing light of the day
when we ignore the cry of the soul
and mesmerizing romance of the night
bring back the search of reality

its the love thats most confusing
when the one becomes your life
yet, secrets that dwell within us
words that conceal the true 'us'

united as one, together we travel
let the destiny decide
and i fear not of the end
because of the hand i hold in trust

if something i hide
if my words hurt
if my actions are insane
its all love, all a way to show that i care

its you i fear, the one and only
in hearts we live miles across
denying me out of your life
there i cease to exist

by Srita Sri

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you made me wait for this one! .... but its worth the wait.... 'accept or deny me and this love for you that i bear... that poureth out from my heart and soul... my love and me will still stay and always be... and so I do not fear....'