Its Your Turn

you took a life
im getting a knife
you said you loved him
all you did was lied
we brought it up
and you just denyed
you need to grow up and learn
look skank, now its your turn.

you performed an act you think im stupid?
i know that for a fact
those werent tears of sadness
those were tears of gladness
in hell i hope you burn
bitch, now its your turn

i think your crazy
your a sissy-act
i feel like cutting you up
and throwing you in a brown
paper sack
well guess what? what do you know?
now its your turn.

just give it up sandy
i can take ya, your a panzy,
because of you i saw my family suffer
you better hope soon ya gonna get
im coming after you now its your turn
for you its over
you better hope you find a
4 leaf clover
youll need all the luck you
can get
because no ones helping
your skanky ass out
im sorry, no wait, i lied...
lik you ha ha!
now its your turn

by jamie ?????

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