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George Orwell may have had something to say about this.In his absence all I have to say is, 'Roll Out The Bacon Butties', Best regards, From Sid.
For me your message is ambivalent - the good shepherd overprotective, not allowing his pigs to forage and exercise, love and fight and take the natural risks they inherit throuh being born at all. I like this poem very much indeed - you have encapsulated one of the dilemmas of existence in two lines.
Short and Great k0ni
it certainly caused me to think! like it iggy - always like to be made to think. good stuff.
Well I've read all the comments and no one touched on what the message is here in this most profound tiny treasure. Let's see, the way I see it is, that these pigs remain loyal to their master accepting their destiny as they have no other, therefore lie in wait of the inevitable. Excellent Igwe, you made us stop and think.-Melvina-
A message inclosed...... intersting
Few words but a powerful message, Igwe. It definitely got my attention. Linda :)
Igwe, a very profound message with this small poem. Brilliant. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David