Ivette: My Spanish Angel

My beautiful Spanish angel with butterscotch skin
I dare the Heavens to be with you, if it were a sin
Let me be judged and condemned to my death
Because I can’t deny I never saw you tread this earth
Ever since I met you, you wielded magic over me
You blinded my eyes and hazed my deep thoughts
By strumming my heartstrings till there was music
And your every lyric made me weak and lovesick
I wish to be with you, so we could slow dance
Craving your wrapping wings as we romance
But you wouldn’t come to me, you’re so far away
If I could, I’ll fight the distance to spend each day
To walk down the boulevards or streets of Hinesville
Or climb the mountaintops, walk riversides or hills
To spend each heavenly day in our own paradise
Staring deeply into your dreamy, magical eyes
Defenseless against the cast spells of your wand
And feel the burning caress of your feathery hand

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