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I see amongst the purplish hue
Amongst the reds and yellows
Incircleling the green hedge bush

Within it's 4 rolls of doubled blooms
Stands a new breed of genes called hybrids
Weed free and neatly organized

Someone took the time with love and care for this new
They separated according to age, color and breed

Inset with an old rock bed
I see at distance a singled pedaled flower from the
original seed

It wears faded colors of many
Its head is wilted and lower as in prayer
It is in need of much care and weeding

I think to myself, there I am the original breed
Within the rolls of many I stand alone.
Out of the bush trimmed clean and perfect

Through the top outreaches and dangles a vine of ivy
Poison or not Comes to mind
I feel the heat in full blaze

I walk around the enclosure to gaze closely at the single
I see where a leaf is peaking out the side of the bush
Where no one else can see is the leaf outstretched

Ready to cover the single flower when needed
The sun reached to it's hottest of the day
And out pops the leaf covering the head of the lone

It slowly raised its head with sigh of relief
I smiled
I see the new breeds are slowly lowering their heads

I feel sad for them as I did the single flower
The ivy spoke up and said
Do not pity them for this is the cycle of man

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