DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)


Ivy broke her hip
She's home now.
'Carers' call,
make sure she's
taking the pills,
but loss of freedom,
what a bitter pill
that cannot be swallowed
even after the fall...

The room a time warp
of 60's memorabilia;
they don't make wallpaper
like that now.
Pictures of elderly
smiling faces
where are they now?
Do they know they are needed
or are they all too distant
to hear?

Daniel's picture
is on the mantle
(she hardly knows him) .
Just grandma's neighbour?
His playful two year old smile
brighter than
the energy saving light bulb
hanging over us.

Come again she says
Daniel hides in mums skirts
and mums eyes
dampen with regret;
a sense of dereliction
and only dim hopes
of the future.

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Wow very thought provoking and a little bit sad, a very worth write Thanks Ivor