( / Cuttack, Odisha)


Your divine fragrance enchants me
drives away the stagnant breath
hovering around
my nose forwards the catalytic message
mind quivers with joy
I try to share your aroma
with all my cells
they all relax in your mesmerizing odour
you are the destressing agent
A jasmine in a morn:
rejuvenation is born.

by Kishore Kumar Das

Comments (11)

An amazing poem and a tribute to a jasmine flower, the sight of which is so de-stressing and mesmerizing. It's so refreshing in the morning. Thanks. I try to share your aroma / with all my cells A jasmine in a morn:
let your writing inspire all the amateurs
the divine fragrance may spread it's aroma all around to give us a divinely thought. nicely written sir
Quite right...... the sweet fragrance of the opening buds of JASMINE is so intoxicating! !
Jasmine, the little white flower has a soft sweet fragrance.This poem too has a soft sweetness to it.
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