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J - Ballantrae (A Jacobite Poem)
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J - Ballantrae (A Jacobite Poem)

This for those who care to listen
while others lie in wait
there is news well worth the hearin'
it's said as fixed as fate.

The Jacobite lives in the hearts
of clans the globe to roam
within the shores of Scotland's realm
the word is ' He's come home'.

The word is ' He's come home' my friends
as all do well to heed
kingdom spread throughout the world; a
forgotten monarchy.

Read about The Prince of Scots; so
conveniently untold,
chiefly: Sacred crown and scepter
The Savage Butcher stole.

With disregard and ignorance
buried, a cause alive
grand legacy and tradition
fibs long ago contrived.

Our Scottish Prince once lost now found
who wears the celtic crown:
For 'tis the wish of Jacobites
this sphere dispersed around.

Seek justice and seek evidence!
Thus claimed: The Winter Queen
who journeyed down the centuries
now crowned: her namesake seen.

Direct decent of Stewart line
upon a time dethroned
whence Bonnie Prince of Scotland came
not fruitless as supposed.

A matter unresolved I say
and risen from the grave.
Perhaps the ground is warmer yet?
Legend reveals a babe.

If Jacobite within your hearts
deep sleep awakens from
unfurl the flag of blue and white;
remember ' He's come home! '.

July 2005

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Comments (2)

Yes, this is inspiring stuff for certain Scottish readers. Crafted with great skill. Would fit into any quality Scottish collection with ease.
This is wonderfully told with interesting rhyme schemes. There is a Scottish lilt to it even read without a brogue. Thanks for this. I'm going to bone up on Ballantrae, thanks to you. Raynette