LM (7/12/37 / Pawtucket, R. I.)


Who was, Who is, and Who is to come,
Creator of everything, believed by some,
J e h o v a h!

Spoke to Moses from a bush of fire,
Gave the Law for a life that is higher,
J e h o v a h!

Used Moses in parting the Red Sea,
'Let my people go! ' told to Ramsey,
J e h o v a h!

All through history we see I Am's might,
Proving always His way to be right,
J e h o v a h!

Alpha and Omega He will always be,
He has provided for you and me,
J e h o v a h!

Beginning and End always there,
He is love and He truly cares,
J e h o v a h!

Cared for us when Immanuel came,
Yesterday, today, and forever the same,
J e h o v a h!

The Almighty, Lamb of God, Jesus to me,
Greatest gift of love could ever be,
J e h o v a h!

The One who has washed away sin's stain,
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, forever to reign.
J e h o v a h!


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