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(j) The Man Who Thought Too Much
FC (30-10-65 / Down Patrick-Northern Ireland)

(j) The Man Who Thought Too Much

Poem By Francis Curran

The man who thought too much, took journeys,
His train of thought derailed,
Staggered from the mangled bent,
Crawled through pitch-black silence,
Turned wrong off the beaten track,
Never to be seen again,
This is his story…

The man who thought too much,
Lost sleep, woke up ready for bed
Missed the bus, lost the job,
Lost dreams, roamed the streets,
The swerve, the brake the screech
The howl of horns blaring at him,
Bowled and bundled over the bonnet,
Tumbled him into a bottle,
Blocking the neck with the bloat of his bulk,
Wife's back twisted slipping a disk,
Dropped down short in the shaking of him out.

The man who thought too much,
Took pen to morning papers,
Set circles ringed round vacancies,
Booked non-existent interviews,
Pinched the rent, taxied into town,
Hid in pubs-ash-trays-pork scratchings,
Bluffing his way through dogs, horses-football,
Bitter lager builders took the piss,
Sneaked back on site early,
Youths abandoned one-arm bandits,
Made haste with the pint,
Landlords groaned, pensioners clinked,
Bells rang him out of town.

The man who thought too much,
Cabbed on home, pitched up the tent in toilet,
Camped with Sartre, Asian Babes,
Cranked the strained brain,
Wanked the cock sore.
Grafted the hand on the mouse,
'Adult chat-teen sluts-dirt sex
Interracial amateurs-housewives-free pics!
Xxx hard-core-submission fetish spanking,
Oral sex-anal sex-voyeur web cam
Instant access lesbian, gay huge cocks!
Your place for nice or naughty girls,
Watch them get fucked hard for the first time ever!
No credit card details needed.'

The man who thought too much,
Quickened the ejaculation,
Lay in impotent thinking,
Watering seeds of wild fire doubt,
The missus couldn't coax it up.
Stitching his mouth mute, cemented the ear,
Soap, fresh clothes, mates, the mistress-fell away.
He brought low company home,
They sold him crap then left,
Neighbours blanked him, the cursing kids,
The wife despaired of him.

The man who thought too much,
Found dread in the door bell,
The telephone-the mail,
The bank fell out of love,
Friends advised it to end the affair,
It sent out unscented letters.
'Dear John, this is the hardest thing,
Can't believe all these years, its come to this,
These past few months, you've put me through it.
Never answered my letters or calls,
Stood me up God knows the times,
I can’t-won’t take it, I care for you but face it,
Its over: take care John.
Ps, in the event that you have paid the outstanding balance,
Please then disregard the above.'
The wife came out from behind the chocolate,
Glared her way to a manicure-the hair do.
All high heels and hands on hips,
The lip gloss and that little black dress.
Took to clubbing with the girls.

The man who thought too much,
Rubbed out buttons on the remote,
“Heh heh! how ya all doin?
You know, it's just great to be here with you folks out there…
No really, we've got a great show for you right now,
Coming up, on the David Goldstein show…
How would you feel? what would you do?
If you discovered your best friend,
The buddy you cycled to school with,
The best man at your wedding,
Your bowling partner,
Had been sleeping with your wife for over twenty long years,
I know folks, but wait a minute,
How would you feel? if you found out,
Not only has he been makin whoopee with your wife…
But, he's also been at it with your twin daughters!
Both of em that's right, and… and your beautiful little grand-
Child, Mary Jane Godwin, there's a picture of her there,
Ain't she sweet? is in fact his own flesh and blood daughter!
Uh huh...what about that?
Well, that's what happened to fifty four year old kitchen porter
Billy Noel Godwin from Wisconsin
And here he is folks to tell us all about it,
Just after this short break, we'll be right back”

“Are you like me, over 50?
Worried about leaving your loved ones behind?
Struggling with the burden to cope?
Well, don't worry, there is an answer,
The Silver Citizen Pension Plan really can make a”…
Cheap shit quiz show! “Doreen I'm soooo sorry!
You enjoy the day? ” “oh, I've had a wonderf”...
“Give her a big hand ladies and gentleman,
Doreen, all the way from lovely Inverness,
She leaves with nothing! ”
“Happy life style makeover! ” “celebrity plug celebrity plug
De de de de de dehh chat show! ”
“He's mad-he's bad-he's maverick cop! ”
“Gimme d badge, ya piece too, you're off the case getouda here! ”
“We're J.a.m.m.i.n…we're s.p.r.e.a.d.i.n…sweet love all around,
My coca cola! ”
“Now on men and motors, page three stunner Heidi”…

The man who thought too much
Signed on the dole,
Scurried home for the pissing rain,
Only to find unthinking better looking ex work-mate,
On the rumpled sofa, too stiff in the pose,
The mottled wife, fumbling the buttons.
Days later,
The man who thought too much,
Stood on the ledge, scanned the ground,
Looked to the stars, closed the eye,
Raced on through his life not thinking.
Years later,
The man who use to think too much,
Became the elected Member of Parliament
For East Strathclyde

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