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GW (5/11/1947 / Kerrville, Texas, USA)


Poem By George Wootton

J: Just because it thrills me so to hear your angel voice
and just to know I’m yours because long ago you made that choice.
Just your gentle touch at night takes away the daily cares
and gives me strength to face tomorrow if you’ll just be with me there.

U: Undying love and encouragement is what you give to me
and when I’m down in spirit you build me up to see;
that God is good and in control though circumstance be dire,
He walks with us and holds our hand as we travel through the fire.

D: Death will never separate the love shared by our souls
even though this mound of clay will soon lay still and cold.
For then our love shall be set free to be nere’ again moles’d
and in that perfect atmosphere we shall be truly blessed.

I: Independent as you may be I feel you don’t wish to be free of me,
for freedom comes not from being alone but more by having a happy home.
Though troubles come and heartache brings, we help each other through all these things.
Alone our weakness the devil sees but from the strength of many he turns to flee.

T: Truth and trust; I have no doubts, I know your heart within-without.
Through your eyes I see your soul, your tender love for me behold.
You would not, could not be untrue to this one who is so in love with you.
No other could fill my heart with such pride as I travel through life with you at my side.

H: Holiness, honesty, honor I see in the many years you have walked with me.
You strive each day to keep my walk straight so with you I may enter that pearly gate.
Your passion to ease another’s pain will someday return to you again,
to ease your own for it shall come, as it does to all even God’s own Son.
But you have a store in heaven my love, when you shall ascend on the wings of a dove
and see such beauty and kindness there, as the world with us could never share.
After awhile you will search for me and wonder perhaps, “did his promise he keep? ”
Then from high on a hill near a tall oak tree where the green grass flows and a river runs free,
you will see a young man waving from a mansion’s door, he is slim and strong and handsome once more.
As I beckon for you to enter our new home never again to be hurt, sad or alone,
I see the beautiful young girl that I could always see
And I know that from now to forever together we’ll be.

Happy 19th Valenversary Hunny, I love you. Me.

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