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J01 The Birth Of Jesus Christ
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J01 The Birth Of Jesus Christ

Many events came to pass,
After Solomon, the Wise,
When King after King came,
Unlike his fame and name.

Not pleased with some,
God had to expel them.
The constant fighting force,
At a distance kept the peace.

The suffering mass did pray;
They waited for that day,
When God heard their prayer
And sent them a Savior.

It came as good news,
Not just for the Jews,
But for the whole world,
Which made them bold.

Before Mary had married,
A child she had carried,
As a virgin, by the Holy Spirit,
Who considered her merit.

She was engaged then
To Joseph, a pious man,
Who did what was right,
To the best of his might.

To break this engagement,
Free from any sentiment,
He thought how to do it,
Without affecting her a bit.

One night, in Joseph's dream,
The Lord's Angel came,
And told, 'Don't be afraid.
It's the will of God.'

'By the Holy Spirit,
Mary's chosen by merit,
To have a blessed son,
Who'll shine like the sun.'

'You'll name him, 'Jesus'.
He'll deliver the masses.
He'll come to guide them,
And from their sins, save them.'

'You'll take Mary as your wife.
A lovely partner in your life,
And you'll be her husband,
To fulfill the Holy Command.'

Every thing came true,
As a word from the blue,
The promised son was born
To Mary, one fine morn.

During King Herod's time,
In the town of Bethlehem,
This holy child came.
Jesus became his name.

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Dear sir, It's simply beautiful. Not too late to say Happy New Year. Take good care.
The most world changing event of all time-simple, reverent and beautiful. Happy new year, Simon. May you write on with health and inspiration! Warm regards, Sandra