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J02 Visitors For Baby Jesus

From Nazareth in Galilee,
To Bethlehem in Judea,
The birth place of David,
Joseph went and settled.

It was there he saw Mary,
And wished then to marry,
But the child she carried
Kept him much worried.

At the divine intervention,
He made no mention,
But married her to fulfill
The Holy Spirit's will.

When the time came for her
The sweet baby to deliver,
She gave birth to a son,
With a look very divine.

In a manger, she laid him,
Finding no room for them
In the small inn to stay.
Jesus was born this way.

Strange things did happen,
To mark this holy occasion.
Angels came from Heaven,
And sang in praise of God then.

Some strangers asked why
A star moved on the sky
From the East to Jerusalem,
That surprised all of them.

When the shepherds saw,
The starlit sky with awe,
They heard the good news
Of the birth of Baby Jesus.

An Angel revealed to them
'It's in this town Bethlehem
Now the holy child is born
As Mother Mary's first son.'

They went there in a crowd.
They were happy and proud
To see the beautiful child,
A Messiah sent by God.

This boy's arrival, day one,
Opened a New Era Christian,
Marking a fresh chapter in the Bible-
Hope and Salvation for suffering people.

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The beginning of the Christian era wonderfully presented. These stanzas are filled with light, Simon. Warm regards, Sandra