J04 The Return From Egypt

Years passed after Herod died.
An Angel of God appeared
To Joseph in a dream
And broke this news to him.

'The enemies, ' the Angel said,
'Of the child are dead.
So, back to Israel you go.'
As directed, Joseph did so.

But he had his own great fear,
Why at all to stay so near,
King Archelaus, Herod's son,
Who succeeded the throne?

He chose the province,
Of Galilee, a safe place;
At Nazareth, he stayed,
As directed by God.

Thus a Nazarene Jesus became.
He was called by this name.
When it was time for Baptism,
To Preacher John, he came.

John knew who truly he was,
His birth and its real cause,
He hesitated, told Jesus,
For a moment, like this:

'You've to baptize me
Yet, you've come to me.'
Jesus replied, 'Let it be so.
The Lord's way, we shall go.'

John smiled, finally agreed;
By him, Jesus was baptized.
When He came out of water,
Heaven opened thereafter.

Like a dove, the Holy Spirit
Alighted upon him straight.
A voice was heard from heaven,
'This is my own dear son.'

Thus Jesus came to be known,
As God's son only begotten,
Who came to redeem everyone,
Upon this earth, from every sin.

by Simple Simon

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What a wonderful account of the baptism of Jesus! So gracefully and simply told. Shine on, Simon. May God bless your creative pen. Warm regards, Sandra