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J10 The Teachings Of Jesus (I)

Jesus taught sermons in scores,
On mount, boats and shores,
To set right the growing disorder
And bring in a new religious order.


'You're of a special kind
Like salt, to all mankind.
If salt should lose its saltiness,
It then becomes worthless.'

'You're just like the light
That keeps the world so bright.
A city built atop a hill
Cannot remain hidden still.'

'A lamp, that is lit,
Under a basket, is not kept,
But mounted on a lamp-stand.
This all can understand.'

'All good things you do,
Will shine and bring you
A reward from heaven
That's for sure and certain.'


The Law that Moses brought,
And what Prophets had taught,
Shall continue to remain:
Be sure, it'll not be undone.'

'One who follows the same,
The Lord will note his name,
The Kingdom of heaven;
He'll reach; it's certain.'


'Anger will blind a person,
Denying him heaven,
And lead him to hell;
This much I wish to tell.'

'Don't try to fool anyone,
That'll let you face a trial then.
Better settle outside your dispute,
Than fight it in a court.'


'Besides the crime 'adultery',
He'll be judged guilty
Even for looking at a woman
With a desire, her to own.'

'If your right eye sins,
Remove it at once.
Losing one part is better,
Than being a hell-getter.'


'No husband should divorce
His wife for any silly cause,
Except for her unfaithfulness,
That is deemed madness.'


'Any promise you make,
Never attempt to break
Don't swear by heaven,
For it is God's throne.'

(To be continued)

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Comments (2)

Ahhh, yes, and a very fine, kick-off to an ethereal series such as this...Crisp, fluxed structure....Solid all-around craftwork, my friend... ~ F. j. R. ~
A very interesting summary of some of the teachings of Jesus. He was able to communicate effectively with both the educated and the uneducated. Very fine write, Simon. Warm regards, Sandra