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J21 The Teaching Of The Ancestors

“Why do your disciples
Have no good principles?
Why do they disobey the words
Handed down by our ancestors? ”

“Their dirty hands, why not they
Before eating, wash in a proper way? ”
Some Pharisees asked Jesus.
He gave them reply like this.

“God’s command, you disobey.
Your own teaching, you’ve why?
God said, respect your father
And also your mother.”

“Whoever curses his father
Or may be, his mother,
To live here, it’s no worth,
And he’ll be put to death.”

“But you teach a person,
Everything is God’s own,
There’s no need to honor
Even his helpless father.”

“This way you disregard
The command of the Lord.
You hypocrites, how true
What Isaiah told about you.”

“These people, God says,
Honor me with their words.
When their heart is not for me
They need not worship me.”

“They teach rules self-made
As though it’s God’s word.”
Thus Jesus spoke to them
And coolly silenced them.

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These who professed to believe in the teaching of the fathers, failed to realize that One who had greater wisdom than Solomon stood before them. Very profound write, Simon. Warm regards, Sandra
S. S.>>>Another finely crafted work here, as per usual....A carpenter of woodcraft HE was...An artisan of literary craft you are...compliments of HE., the Carpenter... ~ F. j. R. ~