I can't tell you how I feel,
It's the same everyday,
These thought they are killing me,
Cause I can't seem to find my way,
You see, everytime I try,
You know a piece inside of me it dies,
Yeah, I never really seem to suceed,
Even when I say 'Thank you' and 'Please',
It makes my world look like a joke,
But I'm livin my life with a compass that's broke.

I never really know where I'm goin,
I just take it out on the road,
And if where I'm at I do one day of living,
Well, for that day I call it home,
Everyone I meet is different,
They don't look, act, or talk like me,
They walk with some sort of purpose,
Somethin, they say I'll never be,
They make me feel like my world's a joke,
But I'm just livin my life with a compass that's broke.

Well, time keeps gettin shorter,
Yeah, the weeks they feel like days,
A fear keeps creepin closer,
Cause everybody's lost their way,
You see, the people who did it 'right',
Yeah, you know they'll be cryin tonight,
When they find out 'The Man' don't care,
What's his is his and he won't share,
And so, it seems the whole world is a joke,
But we're all livin our lives with a compass that's broke.

by Michael Alfonso

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