(July 13,1991 / Indiana)

Jack And The Beanstalk

Oh poor Jack was handsom and lean
But He sold his cow for a count of three bean

OH! my dear what have you done, that's our only source of milk
What a stupid son

Now jack thought his mother was very mean, she made him do chores
she made him clean..

She told him to sell a cow
but he came home with a count of three bean

But they are magic, It's true
we no longer need that thing that says mooooooo

Jacks mother was angry you see
she threw the worthless beans out the window with glee

Oh but they grew, into a stalk
And later when Jack went out for a walk..

Oh! he saw the gigantic bean stalk!

Jack was curious you see
so he started to climb it, as if it were a tree

He got to the top, but he was sore
he was glad he didn't have to climb anymore

He saw a castle on a cloud
he knocked on the door he felt so proud

He told Mrs. Giant he was sore, she gave him soup
but he wanted more..

Oh! he stole a harp of gold, coins, and a chicken that was very old...

He was caught by the Giant, Jack is no more
but at least he doesn't have to do another chore

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Comments (2)

Love the storyline, but feel that the story isn't complete.
enjoyed read indeed.i like the concept of evolving a classical storyline , keep up the good work