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Jack Nicholson: You Can’t Win Them All
RP (23/07/1944 / Hamilton Ontario Canada)

Jack Nicholson: You Can’t Win Them All

Poem By Ron Price

You made it big, Jack,
in the last half century
as I went from my teens
to two old-age pensions.
I had my ups-and-downs
in the world of romance
and marriage, but nothing
like your slings-&-arrows.

And your millions, Jack,
what have you done with
all the millions? Bought
Marlon Brando’s house &
had seasons’ tickets to the
Yankees and Lakers games
so I have read.1 Go for it…
Jack. You were a likeable
chap in the movies, a very
popular guy, a real winner
by the 1970s. And so was I,
Jack, a real winner in my own
way from one end of Australia
to the other from kids to adults.

Of course, you can’t win them
all, can you, Jack? Can you?
No way….eh Jack?

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Nice poem written very well with great texture and incredible imagery. The ideas are flowing like a cascade. I liked it. Thanks for sharing..... Kindly read and rate my poem 'A busy street' on page 1.