Jack Riley-Tough Ol' Bushy Through And Through.

In the quite town of corryong,
there lay a man in rest.
Jack Riley is hes name,
I'm sure that he's the best.

He is the man from snowy river,
as hes legend has been told.
He road the mountain pony,
in the blistering cold.

Kosiosko was the mountain,
Terain is hard and rough.
Rileys riders all declined,
but tough old jack new hes stuff,
he made his way down,
the steep old moutain side.
over the rocks,
through the trees,
and down the muddy slide,

Riley become the face,
to little corryong town.
made fameous for he's ride,
and every year,
people come,
from near, far and wide,
to re-enact the the story,
of Rileys bloody ride.

they always hold the festival,
for the bushman from way back,
people come to show there stuff,
but non as good as Jack.

Jack Riley is the man from snowy river,
He's a bushman rough and ready,
who's storys told many times,
the experience is heady.

by clancey hogg

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