Jack's Near Death Experience

He vomited as he struggled for breath
And it dawned on him that he was near to death
And he did see the most amazing sight
A golden gate lit by a golden light.

And as to the golden gateway he drew near
All of a sudden it did disappear
The moment had passed and 'twas not his turn to die
And Jack realized more of life he'd enjoy.

I told to another what Jack had told to me
One who could only believe on what he himself did see
And the only thing to me he had to say
Is stories like this I hear them every day.

But I know Jack as one who would not lie
Or make up stories he's not that sort of a guy
And deception he would not even contemplate
He did see that golden light and a golden gate.

He felt so ill his heart was beating fast
And his end seemed near he thought he would not last
And in his sight the golden gate was near
Though within seconds it did disappear.

by Francis Duggan

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