Jackie Howe

In 1892 he shore 321 sheep in seven hours and forty minutes with a hand shears in Alice Downs station in Queensland a record that to this day does stand
Jackie Howe was the World's greatest blade shearer his legend the decades has spanned
Born in 1861 in Killarney in Queensland and in 1920 he died
The shearing feats of the legendary Jackie in shearing circles are told and recounted Worldwide
His name and shearing feats are always talked of when lovers of shearing do meet
In his shearing prime with the mighty Jackie the best shearers could not hope to compete
His blade shearing record has stood for twelve decades and it will stand forever more
His record may never be beaten his fame lives on in shearing lore
The blade shearing records that have stood for more than a century in itself a remarkable feat
Of the shearer the best are compared to his blade shearing records may never be beat
Blade shearers are now all but extinct machine shearing the in thing of the shearing shed of today
But machine shearing is even very hard work and easier ways for to earn one's pay
Jackie Howe was the World's greatest blade shearer he shore 321 sheep in under eight hours in his prime
In 1892 in Alice Downs Station in Queensland and this is going far back in time.

by Francis Duggan

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