Jackop Zuma, South Africa, The World's Greatest News Ladies And Gentlemen Stop Anything Hear Is Your Invitation

South Africa is about to become a tolerable nation
South Africa is about to be born anew
Can you imagine a tolerable state?
The Deputy President of South Africa
They said you are the rapist
But the man kept silent
The man nodded silent
The court proved you to be not guilty.
They first started by saying you fraud the state money.
Now and then you brought the weapons illegal from abroad
But the man kept silent
The case was closed and it is then again open.
The court will then again close it
It will close it again because there is no fossil evidence that you were any fraudster.
Yes we as the Proudly South African agree
We agree that you are innocent
Today I am making the History
This is the History that will remain to be red by the millions of future generations
In Africa there once lived a man
A man that was proud of his party and his party
People were confused so that they donnot see him in the eyes of the presidency
But sothat they see him in the eyes of fraudsters and rapist and we donnot know what still to come
The state president excluded you but you did not quit the party
The people loved you even more than before
It was Mshiniwami Mshiniwami almost every where
Ladies and Gentlemen: that is the song which was sung by South African leaders as oppose to oppression anti-free trade barriers
You can make your own party which can make you stand as the South African president
But you have never thought of that nonsense
This is because you know what is like to be a South African
Unlike other weakest South African leaders you have not yet forget where we come from
You have not yet forget how has South Africans fought for this freedom of our country
You understand the effort of his presidency Steve Biko whom his life was lost through the struggle for our liberation struggle
Yes you do understand the effort of his PRESIDENCY DOCTOR NELSON MANDELA
I wonder how joyful Cris Hhani might have been
If he can see your tolerance and diplomacy in this Nation Spear
Perhaps there is only one man in the millionth whose leadership is more or less as yours
That was Elijah
A man who was singing and clapping the hands in the fire wagon
The fire is the parliament
And the world is the fire wagon
This is our three wheeled wagon
It name is Rainbow Nation
The Front wheel is ANC which is the ruling party in South Africa
The two hind wheels is ANC youth league and the COSADTU
Ladies and Gentlemen: there are two drivers operating this car
But the fire will decide which one is to be burned off
Because the forward moving countries like a forward moving country cannot be driven by the two drivers
But I see the glory burning inside Jackop Zuma
This is a glory that was planted millions feet underground
And this is why it is difficult to lose
My question to the Deputy President is:
How did you know that South Africa cannot live in segregation baby
How did you realize that every spirit needs you?
Shame to those who have been moving up and down like the parrots trying to divide our rainbow country
Shame to those who were going up and down from state to states corrupting your name in the media
Zuma is removed from the parliament, they said! ! !
But if I were the opposition party leader or the one who want to steal your glory I could have done the same thing
It is the time for South Africans to choose whether South Africa is Fascist State or Democratic State
High and low people are saying that Jacop Zuma was living in the Forests
He needed to see this country out of oppression and anti-free trade beerier
Forf those parrots who are using Jacop Zuma’s name
Can they tell America, Japan or Asia what they have did.
Africa South Africa I am afraid
Hear are the World’s greatest news
The ANC presidency elections have come
ANC Youth League is the ones who have the strong vote to decide our future leader
Gone are the days when NXAMALALA was taken for granted
Gone are the days when the South Africa diplomatic deputy precedent was isolated
Gone are the days when our African National Congress was oppressed by the invisible racists
Dear my beautiful racists
It was nice having with you
Your time is over
We don’t know where you will go
Because your lies seemed to disgust the God
Maybe you have got your haven in the Dogs haven
because you divided our party such that we have forgot our origin
You corrupted the name of the Rainbow Country
You are talking of the Black Coconuts
Intead of Bhambatha Kamancinza
Instead of June 16 of the 1976
Person who hates our party we donnot know your history in liberation struggling
Ladies and Gentlemen: the vote is counts
Mr South Africa
Jackop Zuma
We shall watch you
We shall watch you when you walk tall
Time folds away
This are the fires
Troubles are little wonders
Please wait just for a moment
Because your glory is found elsewhere
You have a glory oversees
You have a glory in the televisions
The World’s Day View has come
You are the South African President
I am listening outside
There is something happening
The children are climbing the walls
The cars are flying like the aero planes
This is because the aeroplanes have come to crash
Your temptations drivers will be beggars
Today I am inviting the Africa, Europe, Asia Australia and USA
To come and see the World’s biggest news
Which are going to take place from the 13th of September 2007
Come and look when the tables are turned up side down this are the tragedies of the Mineral resource conflicts
These are the World Cup conflicts
Via South Africa Viva
Viva Jackop Zuma Viva
After the tables have turned upside down the world will start to understand the meaning of the song Mshiniwam, Mshiniwam
South Afcrica is Jackop ZUMA
What a wonderful car with three wheels: ANC Youth League, COSADTU and SACP
And two drivers: Thabo Mbheki and JACKOP ZUMA
Welcome to South Africa
Welcome to Limpompo
Siyaya e –Limpompo siyaya
We are going to elect our proudly ANC president
Jackop Zuma
Local is Lekker

(17-11-2007) – (20-11-2020)


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HOW CAN YOU BE SO EASILY INDOCTRINATED? ? ? Your 'wonderful hero' thought that taking a shower prevents AIDS, he ADMITTED to sexually harassing the woman. Be realistic. And look at Shabir Shaik, do you really think he could of received OVER R1 000 000 without knowing it. Face it, he's a corrupt idiot and if you can't get that than you're one too.