Waiting for the slots to roll
in my favor
I place another dollar
and a second
and to make sure
I am covered
I put in a third
into the video slot machine.
“ May I get you a cocktail, sir? ” says a woman
in her twenties
with incredible soft looking skin
not a blemish in view
I watch her like T.V.
She smiles back and I
give her a tip
and then ask for a Myers and Coke.
“ Absolutely, I’ll be right back...” she walks away
swaying her hips in bohemian rhythm
casting her shadow
of long fine legs into
the crowed room of winners
and I think how
high cut Paris design
cocktail waitress uniforms
always make everybody
come back for more
as nothing but
a ring streams
out from the machine
and I see there are
no red cherries on the line
so I put in three more coins
and wait for my drink
to come back
to smell her soul again.

by Charles Lara

Comments (2)

Waitresses always make me lose concentration! There is too much dreaming when they come around. Excellent poem Charles, which can only get a ten!
Charles...being a Las Vegan, I really appreciated your 'Jackpot' poem... You've hit the nail on the head...folks keep on putting coins into those machines, just waiting for the waitresses to return