Jacky Winter

He calls out peter peter in the wood beyond the town
The brown flycatcher nicknamed jacky winter a stranger to bird renown
And for the reason for his nickname in truth i cannot say
His kind distinctive in their behaviour do live in their own way

Of light brown back, wings, head and tail and unders of light gray
Their sort strangers to many and not seen every day
But if you are in a woodland and peter peter you do hear
You know that jacky winter to you is somewehere near

In grass cup nest felted with spiders webs two tiny blotched blue eggs the female lay
Not among Australia's most familiar birds in truth of them one can say
Were they often seen in parks and gardens they might be better known
But some bird lovers like them since they have ways of their own

Not the most familiar of birds since one them does not often see
But in woodland quite distinctive in their pleasant melody
Not among Australia's prettiest in their feathers of gray and brown
They call out peter peter in the wood beyond the town.

by Francis Duggan

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