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Jacob's Dream

After a long day of travel
Jacob had to stop for a spell
As the sun had already set
He came upon a shrine and took a rest

So he picked up a stone at the shrine
and put it under his head to recline
He slept there and his dream began
From that spot a stairway left the sand

This stairway had a glorious view
it's top reached the heavens anew
God's messengers traveled up and down this stairway
And God was beside Jacob all the way

God told Jacob in his dream
The ground he lay on God would deem
Giving to Jacob's descendants all this land
This was God's fulfilling plan

So Jacob awoke from his dream
Truly blessed it seemed
He marked the spot by the stone
Blessed it, calling it Bethel, his new home

(1 July 2007)

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