Jacob's Ladder

While Jacob slept on a pillow of stone,
He dreamed of a ladder rising up to heaven.
Upon its steps the angels of the Lord came down to earth.
Upon its steps the angels of the Lord went up to heaven.

Jacob slept on, Jacob dreamed on.
Jacob slept on a pillow of stone.

While Jacob dreamed
The Lord appeared to him saying,
“The land where you lie I will give to you.
Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go.
All your children and their families
Shall be blessed upon this land.”

Then Jacob awoke from his dream saying,
“Surely the Lord is in this place.
God will be with us to guide us and sustain us.

I will set up the rock from under my head
As a pillar and will anoint it with oil.
And upon this stone that I have set up
Shall be the house of the Lord.'

God is our rock and our foundation
Who from our ashes and our brokenness,
Restores us by the power of his love.
Here shall be the house of the Lord.

by Robert Charles Howard

Comments (5)

This is a very inspiring and touching piece, Sir Robert. I hope this poem of yours will be set into music..very lovely words, and the message of hope is clear. lovely! Love and hugs, Meggie
I can't resist jumping in here because Metamorphhh has shot a bullseye. Jacob's Ladder was written to be the text for a choral work and is.
Wherever a human dreams of Jacob's Ladder - the communion of the heavens and the earth - there is Bethel. Splendid write.
Jacob's dream is as beautiful today as it was yesterday. Very profound write, Robert. Warm regards, Sandra
Very inspiring and full of inspiration.