Jacques The Dancer

He speaks English with a French accent Jacques from Normandy in France
Young at heart though in his mid seventies but with the best he still can dance
His Aussie wife Emma died five years back and though he miss her more than words can say
Life goes on for Jacques the dancer he makes the most of every day
Seven times a great grandfather yet with those a third of his age he can hold the floor
Saturday down a the bowl club rooms he dances for three hours or more
He can twist and waltz and tango he can really rock and roll
People his age looking weary though time of him not taking toll
At the bowl club rooms on saturday evening he drinks and dances all night long
And he's not found for to be wanting when called upon to sing a song
Jacques from Normandy may be ageing but at heart he's feeling young
He just wants to have a good time his praises ought to be sung
He's not growing old sad and lonely though he misses his deceased wife
He is happy to be living and he makes the most of life.

by Francis Duggan

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